HST Return Filing in toronto at Paul Baber & Associates Ltd

One of the trickier bits of tax filings is HST because it involves a web of rules that will change depending on whether there was acquisition of real property, business income and level of sales, and certain imports or exports, to name just a few scenarios. Getting an HST return wrong can be costly for any organization, but the error will be felt more severely by small businesses. This means that small companies have the most to lose—but also the most to gain—by making sure they get expert assistance to process their payments right.

We offer several services to help make sure our clients get their HST returns filled out and filed properly, including:

  • Assistance registering for HST so you can recover startup costs and input tax credits.
  • Information on reporting periods and whether changing your period may be beneficial or possible.
  • Assistance calculating and differentiating annual taxable and zero-rated supplies along with guidance on what can be excluded.
  • Ensuring maximum input tax credit claims for the highest tax savings.

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